I had a spike in my blog traffic the other day and was curious to know where the traffic was coming from.? So I decided to see where the “hits” were coming from.? The analytic software said that my new hits were coming from a email newsletter that was sent out by COMF5.?? In case you don’t know, I am an affiliate with COMF5 and use there services practically on a daily basis.? It is one of my “secret weapons” in online video marketing.? Anyway, in the article, (see below image) COMF5 gave me props for using their technology in creative and productive ways!

That is the great thing about the COMF5 technology, your only limitations is your own imagination. Here is the article:

So, I just wanted to say “thank you” to the COMF5 community for the recognition.? I appreciate the mention in the e-newsletter and look forward to sharing the COMF5 technology with everyone.



Ps. If you would like to up and start using this powerful video marketing tool, follow my COMF5.