I just learned that a rainy day is the best day to jump on a trampoline.? It is great to be surrounded with children in my house. I get to see things through their eyes and have learned to appreciate their mindset.

It has not stopped raining since early this morning in South Florida. My twitter account has seen its fair share of people complaining about the weather today. I must admit I even tweeted that today was a bad day for the beach.? After seeing how my children handled the weather, what I should have said was “Wow, what a great day to be on a trampoline”.

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My children tell me that they bounce higher when on a wet trampoline so when it rains they see it as an opportunity to jump higher than normally allowed by the laws of gravity. My son Raymond says rain increases it’s “Elastic Force”.? He might actually be right!

So, embrace your perceived obstacles and turn them into opportunities.

To your success,