LG Tone Ultra vs Motorola SG500

Motorola SF500 Vs LG Tone Ultra

Motorola SF500 Vs LG Tone Ultra

It’s been a long time since I did a product review but I recently bought (approximately 45 dollars) the Motorola SF500 bluetooth headphones because I like the idea of being able to put my phone in my pocket and answering the phone hands free.? However, I didn’t want a star trek looking device wrapped around my ear.? I like the look of these style of headphones because they serve more than one person and can “rest” comfortably around your neck.? I also wanted a solution to listen to audio books or when I am editing a video for a client so I can hear how the sound levels are and the voice of the people speaking. (When I am not at the fire house, I have my own company that creates websites and video marketing, so this purchase was a legitimate business expense.? If you need that type of work and you live in South Florida, check out http://kellyday.net)

It didn’t take long for me to realize that the Motorola SF500 weren’t for me.? It had really nothing to do with the way they sounded, or how they looked.? The reason why I didn’t like the SF500 was because of two issues:

1. The applied a small but noticable pressure around my neck.? I didn’t feel like I was being “choked out” or anything but it was enough to fill slightly uncomfortable.? However, this will not be a problem for 95% of the population with a normal size neck.? Watch my video for more information regarding the diameter of the widest part of the SF500.

2. The second reason is because it lacked a call vibration alert feature. My goal was to have my phone in my pocket and to be able to answer my phone using the headphones. However, I can’t answer a phone that I don’t know is ringing.? 🙂

So, I decided to purchase the LG Tone Ultra wireless bluetooth headphones.? The LG Tone Ultra cost around 70 dollars and have solved my 2 issues as compared to the Motorola SF500. However, the LG Tone Ultra also has it own set of issues that are covered in the video.? Overall, I like the LG Tone Ultra better than the Motorola SF500.? The two things I don’t like about the LG Tone Ultra are:

1. The magnets are not as powerful as the SF500 model and they often dangle on my chest.? It would be nice if the magnets were strong enough to securely hold the ear buds in place so when you are finished making a phone call they can snap back in their proper location.? I have found myself blindly searching for the ear buds when receiving a phone call.

2. The second issue is not really an issue for me but it may be for those thinking about buying the LG Tone Ultra because of the Ambient Noise Cancellation feature.? I honestly can’t tell a difference when the ANC switch is on or off.? I thought maybe it was just me, so I let me wife try on the HSB-800 and she said she really couldn’t tell a difference either.? In hindsight the LG Tone Pro may have been a smarter financial purchasing decision.

Video Review of the Motorola SF500 vs LG Tone Ultra

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Here are the links that I mentioned in the video:
Motorola SF500 – http://amzn.to/1zGknQQ
LG Tone Ultra – http://amzn.to/1Mp10G6

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