Irresistible info marketing product blueprint is going to be super charged with step by step instructions to jolt you into action!

Irresistible Caffeine Product Creation

module 1, info-marketing blueprint

If you are asking, how do I know what Mark Hoverson is going to be teaching?? Well, I just watched the training modules to Mark’s irresistible info marketing product bluebrint that is slatted to be released on July 5, 2011.

As in previous Hoverson fashion, all I can say is “WOW, this is going to be great.”

An update to module #1 of Irresistible info-marketing blueprint is going to “unstick” you from your current state of? inaction.

  • Discover the #1 reason people DON’T make Caffeine Products.
  • See how a $10 Caffeine product steamrolled into thousands of dollars
  • Is this the most creative “Student Tournament” ever (hint: the 10 winners each enjoy a $3000 networking party)
  • Catch the secret to “breaking the seal” into prosperity

That means that even if:

1. You have NO product
2. You have NO list
3. You have NEVER made money online
4. You feel like you have NO value to share.

Module 1 of Info-Marketing will destroy those feelings and show you how creating a “caffiene” product will jolt your online efforts.

Plus, there is going to be contests that will give you the chance to personally hang out with top income earners in the industry. And don’t worry if you think that only those with massive lists will have access to this chance of a lifetime training event.? Mark has established a fair handicapping system much like a golf tournament that establishes “flights” based on your ability/level.? This will make it fair for everyone who is participating, so even if you are brand spanking new you could be spend an entire day on a beautiful house boat with the top 10 online marketing income earners.

And that is just one out of seven modules that will provide incredible insights into becoming an amazing info marketing guru!

Stay tuned for more updates.


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