Firefighter Invents Smartphone App

Inventor of TiLoTagThis has been a crazy week.? I have been interviewed by Katie Davis, Children?s author/illustrator, who hosts a podcast on her website and has a loyal base of teachers, writers and tech enthusiast.

TiLoTag was featured on TechFaster as an Editor’s Choice, which is totally cool!

My friends have supported TiLoTag on the official TiLoTag Facebook page and total strangers are emailing me saying they love my idea.

Here are what total strangers have said about TiLoTag:

“Dear Ray and Tilotag team, WOW, I have been searching and waiting for this application for a few years now… Sounds crazy.. but you are 1/2 way there for the software program I dream about… I will watch and support you.” ~Julie T., Charlottesville, VA

“Good luck with this project, Ray! I think it is a wonderful idea – it reminds me of a modern day charm from the Garth Nix book series (but with TiLo tag instead of magic).” ~Kristy

“I’ve backed this project because I think this is the start of something really amazing!” ~Braydon

TiLoTag is a one of a kind smartphone app based on my patent pending technology.? I have several videos that explains and show how TiLoTag will change how we leave messages.? As a Firefighter I love to help people in their time of need and it is very humbling to receive help from total strangers who expect nothing in return.

Even though TiLoTag was not created for the fire service, you absolutely could use TiLoTag to preserve the memories around the firehouse or on significant calls. Imagine as a Firefighter how amazing it would be to be able to record the firehouse memories for future generations to discover.? With TiLoTag you will be able to preserve the memories of Firefighter Smith who after 30 years of services retires and share those memories with the rookie at the firehouse kitchen table who will also start preserving his/her own TiLoTag memories.

I only wish TiLoTag was around when my Grandfathers and Father were in the Fire Service so I can see and experience their firehouse memories too.

Help me make TiLoTag a reality much sooner than I can on my own.

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Post by:

Ray Briant
Firefighter and Inventor of TiLoTag