Why did my Facebook disable my ability to upload a video?


Facebook disabled my ability to upload a videoDoes this LOOK familiar? I recently had the same experience while uploading a video for a client who I manage their Facebook page.?? Here is what happened, I created a video that contained race car footage that was shot by my client.? I then assembled several of the clips to create a compilation of videos for his fan page.

The file was about 200mb and had no audio soundtrack.? The only thing I can think happened was that their was a scene where my client was filming his television which was showing his son racing on the Speed network.? However, I am not convinced that this was the issue because it seemed to happened so quickly and the clip of him filming the television show was about 10 minutes into the video.? So, I decided to research “Due to activity related to copyright infringement on your Facebook account, we have disabled your ability to upload any further videos” issue further since being able to upload video to this account was now “disabled.” Come on Facebook!? My Facebook video disabled saga continues…

This has become a frustrating experience because Facebook sure doesn’t make it easy to contact them.? I was forced to search the “help” files they provided but found just more of the same terms of agreement language that talked about no nudity, violence, or profanity etc… Then I stumbled onto a Facebook community (http://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=2260487) that had people experiencing the same problem.

Facebook video disabled
Was this a glitch in the Facebook system I wondered?

I was stuck and my client would surely not be happy about the inability to upload videos to his account.? In a last ditch effort I? found a form that allowed me to send in a email to Facebook concerning this issue.? Here is a direct link to the form, http://www.facebook.com/help/contact/?id=315415735205268

So, until I hear back from them I will continue to search for a solution to this problem.? A viable option is to upload your videos to Youtube and then embed them on your facebook wall.? However, this may be more challenging for someone who manages several Facebook pages for clients because you will now also need their youtube account information.

Feel free to comment on this post if you are experiencing the same problem and maybe we can find a common denominator to this issue.



Thanks and remember to check back for updates on why my facebook video disabled occurred.

Ray Briant