What are the essential internet marketing building blocks needed for basic internet marketing.

Let me share with you the building blocks of basic internet marketing.? There are basically 4 components that you must firmly understand.

Selecting a good domain name.

Let’s start with a domain name. A domain name is simply your internet address.? When picking a domain name you want to try to get a domain name that ends with .com and contains a word or phrase that is part of your overall marketing strategy. For example, if you wanted to try to sell timeshares online than you should secure a domain name that has the word “timeshare” in it.? There is a whole science behind selecting the right domain name based on extensive keyword research.? I use a program called Market Samurai that helps me find domain names that also have keyword importance.


Decide what type of web presence you want.

Your domain name is only a virtual address, it is not a physical location.? It becomes a physical address when you purchase hosting.? Hosting gives you physical real estate on a server that allows you to start building your web presence.? I use many different hosting providers from GoDaddy, HostGator, Cool Handle and others.? I would recommend the HostGator hosting because they use a very powerful cpanel feature that allows you to host your own wordpress.org with only a couple of clicks. IMPORTANT😕 Many MLM companies provide you replicated sites but they are usually very ineffective because EVERYONE HAS THE SAME SITE.? Instead you will want to have a unique web presence that separates you from everyone else. When keeping it basic, I would recommend a blog using the Host Gator cpanel feature.


Watch my video on how to install a blog when using your host gator account.


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Create your social media plugins for maximum internet marketing potential

By this step you should have your domain name, hosting, and blog established.? From this point forward you will need to learn how the wordpress.org dashboard works.? If you are still confused about blogs and the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com, please watch my video that explains the difference before continuing so we are all on the same page. 😉 After your wordpress.org blog is installed and operational, you will want to add your social media accounts so that when you post an article visitors can share your content and your content can be shared on your twitter and facebook accounts too.

Create Content and work hard!

Now for the hardest part for some people and the easiest for others. Start producing and sharing content.

Intelligent, valuable, and useful content is the key!

Make sure you have an email capture form on your blog too.? For an example, just look at my internet command system free boot camp form on this page.? I use comf5 for my email capture forms.? Make sure you post content at least 1 a week.? If you find yourself in a zone and you can produce 7 great pieces of content in a day, that is great problem to have! But only publish one article that day and schedule the other 6 articles for later in the week.? You will soon discover that on days that you don’t feel like writing anything, you have a nice little inventory of never seen before articles that you can share with your visitors.? It is a great problem to have! 😉

As you can see this is just the basics of internet marketing.? Those who are successful incorporate automation, live webinars, broadcast emails on a daily basis, continue to seek ways to improve their online performance with organic and paid search engine optimization and much more.? Don’t let this overwhelm you! I am here to help you if you need help with any of the above mentioned internet marketing tactics.

Let’s set your online business on fire today!


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