Here are my 3 very important things you must learn to become successful online.

First, let me ask… how many of you reading this believe in your heart of hearts you know you have what it takes to be successful online?

You may have some really good skills that allow you to create blogs, cool graphics and maybe even rank in the top 10 in search engine results because you know a little bit about Search Engine Optimization techniques. Let’s go a little deeper…I mean you know that you know more stuff than the other people whose names keep appearing on the leader boards of MLSP, Carbon Copy, Visalus, COMF5, Global Resorts Network or whatever online opportunity that you are involved in and you keep saying to yourself..

“How the heck is that guy so darn successful?”

In my humble opinion, finding the answer to your online success is a process of elimination.

Let me first tell you what has almost no affect on your online success.

A pretty blog – Trust me, it is not becuase they have a pretty blog.? You might not even need a blog! Here is a perfect example, Mark Hoverson doesn’t even have a blog, yet he is a big time, ultra successful online income earner! If having a blog was so essential to your online success than Mark would still be eligible for food stamps.? Also, I just took a quick look at my friend, Adam Holland’s blog and it The last time I checked Adam Holland’s blog, and it still says “Just another wordpress blog” because he hasn’t changed the default wordpress settings.? So, obviously having a pretty blog should be low on your priority list.

Super secret online marketing software. – There is not a chance in hell that a single piece of software is going to turn you from a zero to a hero on the internet.? I don’t believe for a minute when people say “You can have the same software that has made me a million dollars for only 39.95“. They reason they have made the million dollars is not because the software increased their online capabilities in some extraordinary fashion but because they sold a? 25,000 copies of the software! IMPORTANT NOTE: I personally use automation software tools and highly recommend programs like tribe pro, or? market samurai to help with keyword research. (I think you know the type of programs I am eluding to so enough about that.)

There is only a combination of three characteristics that explains why people succeed online.

I created this diagram, and I’m really proud of myself too.? 😉 I am going to call it my “viciously simple formula for online success”. It just seems to flow off the tongue…


How to be successful online

Here are my 3 elements to be successful online.

Working hard! – Have you noticed that the word netWORK has “work” in it.? You must be willing to WORK HARD to be successful online.? Everyone I know works really, really hard at being successful.? If it were easy to be successful than being broke would take work! 😉 So, make sure you come to the table ready to work.? If you work with me than I will expect that you put forth effort and integrity before we enter into any partnership.? Working hard means staying focused while in front of the computer, completing tasks, seeking ways to increase productivity and always moving forward even if not a single sale, click, phone call or email is received after a long hard day at the office.? Think of it this way… You now know what doesn’t work for you and tomorrow will be another day.


Working smart!Working smart is as important as working hard.? The only way you are going to get into a position to make real money online is if you have a smart system of automation.? The internet is ideal for automation because it is just a bunch of computers which are just waiting for you to tell them to do something.? If you combine your work ethic with a really smart, organized approach you are exponentially increasing your overall effectiveness online.? If you work with me, I will share my exact system with you.


Take Action! This one is actually more challenging than the first two!? You must know and be willing to take action when the time is right.? If you work really hard, and have a really good system in place but you don’t take action than you will always be waiting for something to happen for you.? Your state of inaction will cripple your online endeavors and you will most likely burn out while sitting on the sidelines. By taking action you are mentally and physically motivating yourself to take it to the next level.


So, get to work, be smart and take action!

Let’s set your online business on fire today.


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