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As an online entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for "systems" that can automate the labor intensive task of setting up landing pages, creating sales funnels, producing effective ad copy and enticing looking lead capture websites. So when I first tested out the "MLSP" system I was interested on how thorough the program actually was.  Before I even really got into the nuts and bolts of the program I had the opportunity to meet Brian Fanale, one of the co-creators of the My Lead System Pro program.  I was interested to know if his system was a good fit for Firefighters' who need an affordable method of self marketing any product or service that they may selling or marketing on their days off. Here is the 2 minute interview: If you are interested in learning more about the My Lead System Pro program, feel free to call me or to click on my link for a video that will explain the system to you. Peace, Ray 754-273-7292

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