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  • grant_exposed

    Who is Grant Cardone? | My final review and evaluation of Grant Cardone

    Who is Grant Cardone? SIRI doesn’t know who Grant Cardone is. Siri doesn’t know the real deal about Grant Cardone. I have been following Grant for a few years and I can tell you everything you need to know about him. Grant Cardone is an enabler! He enables me to be motivated to do more and to be better at what I do for me and for my family. Grant has helped me in the Fire Service, and with my two businesses as an entrepreneur. In the next few minutes, I will explain each.  How has [...]
  • ics_clickfunnels

    Internet Command System | Click Funnels Edition

    What is the Internet Command System?The Internet Command System was created to help you create the correct website, with the correct marketing.  For example, in the fire service, when fighting a fire we operate with a method called the Incident Command System.  The Incident Command System helps Incident Commanders organize and mitigate an emergency scene. It helps us with span of control, focuses our efforts and helps us deploy tactics that are in line with our overall strategies.    I [...]
  • grant_cardone_texas_shooting_reaction

    Grant Cardone | Texas Mass Shooting (Candid Moment)

      Are you ready? (This is unedited footage from Grant Cardone's Facebook live when he heard about the Texas mass shooting. Video a little choppy but you will get the message. )   There are a lot of people attempting to answer the question "Who is Grant Cardone?" I am one of those people who have posted several videos on my YouTube channel attempting to best answer this question.  You can see some of my video below.The purpose of this post is to share with you a different [...]
  • whoisgrantcardone3

    Who is Grant Cardone?

    update 11/07/2017 : I just received notice that I won 1K using Grant's Social Media Tips, Check out this link from Grant Cardone's site for proof. Who is Grant Cardone? Any successful person in any given field has a story to tell. It is through hard work, patience, and tolerance that people get to achieve goals in life. In the US, there are many popular personalities. That list is not complete without mentioning Grant Cardone. It is probable that you have heard the name or not. Anyway, that [...]
  • Who is Grant Cardone

    Who is Grant Cardone | Part 2 – Does Grant Cardone’s 5 Social Media Tips work?

    The question is, "Who is Grant Cardone and does his online strategies work?"Grant Cardone is an Author, Real Estate Investor, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, and CEO of several successful companies. You can learn more about Grant by going to his website at  Grant and his beautiful wife Elena Cardone host an annual 10X Growth Conference.  I personally attended the first event in Hollywood, Florida. You can read more about my opinions of the 1st Annual 10X event [...]
  • grant_cardone_scammer_real_deal

    Is Grant Cardone a #10X scammer or #realdeal?

    Is Grant Cardone the #REALDEAL or a #10XSCAMMER?Watch my video for my feeling about Grant Cardone. I have been following Grant and Elena for a few years now and can honestly say that they are the #realdeal.  Follow them and learn how to NOT BE SELFISH! Study their moves and realize "SUCCESS is your duty, obligation and responsibility!
  • Grant_Cardone_Giver

    Grant & Elena Cardone #realdeals #10X

    I have been following Grant and Elena Cardone for a few years now.  Throughout my years I have had and continue to have certain people that I consider Mentors.  The list includes Danelle Delgado, Mark Hoverson, and Grant Cardone.  There are plenty more people that I follow but these three people are people that I have actually met and had a conversation with.  Ironically, I met one of my Mentors, Danelle Delgado, at Grant's 10X Conference in Hollywood, Florida.  The #10X conference was a [...]
  • clickfunnel_vs_wordpress

    ClickFunnels vs WordPress | Why I use ClickFunnels

    I get this question a lot.... "Why do you use ClickFunnels?" In the beginning, I wasn't really sure how to answer this question.  I felt it was ironic since I own Think Big Websites and my company creates custom websites for people. At first, I thought ClickFunnels was nothing more than a fancy WYSIWYG editor that built websites.  It wasn't until I attended a 10X Conference hosted by the #realdeal Grant Cardone (sidenote: Elena Cardone is also the #realdeal) that I was introduced to [...]
  • clickfunnels2017_domainvideo

    How to add a domain name in ClickFunnels | 2017

    How to add a domain name with Are you struggling with adding a domain name in your ClickFunnels account?  I created this video to help people understand how to integrate a new domain name in their click funnels account.  This tutorial was created in late 2017 and utilizes that latest ClickFunnels dashboard. Did you know that you can get a free domain name with Click Funnels? In order to get your free domain name, you will need to follow the following steps: Log [...]
  • 11traits_billonaire

    11 Traits of being a Billionaire by Danelle Delgado

    I am listening to my Mentor, Danelle Delgado as she shares with us the 11 Traits that Billionaire's share.  Every Friday night Danelle goes live on her #FridayNightLive Facebook page.  While many people are out socializing, drinking and partying, Danelle speaks to entrepreneurs and share her wisdom.  I would highly recommend you check her out every Friday.  Here is a screenshot from a recent Facebook live that I was listening to when I felt inspired to write a quick blog post so that I can [...]

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