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  • 11traits_billonaire

    11 Traits of being a Billionaire by Danelle Delgado

    I am listening to my Mentor, Danelle Delgado as she shares with us the 11 Traits that Billionaire's share.  Every Friday night Danelle goes live on her #FridayNightLive Facebook page.  While many people are out socializing, drinking and partying, Danelle speaks to entrepreneurs and share her wisdom.  I would highly recommend you check her out every Friday.  Here is a screenshot from a recent Facebook live that I was listening to when I felt inspired to write a quick blog post so that I can [...]
  • patent_your_ideas

    Patent Attorney Fort Lauderdale | The Concept Law Group review

    Do you need a patent? I wasn't sure if I needed a patent or not.  I knew that I wanted to protect my idea from being stolen.  So, I did what you are probably doing right now and did a google search for "how to patent and idea" and quickly became more confused and concerned about how to proceed.  Let me provide you background of my journey. My idea started in 2013 and I was paranoid to send emails or even talk on my cell phone because of my concern that someone would hear my idea and steal [...]
  • 10XGrowth_conference2

    10X Growth Conference 2017

    I recently attended the 10XGrowth Conference in South Florida.  It was a very impressive event to say the least.  They had over 20 speakers that were all gifted with charisma, charm and the ability to sell.  It was hard not to buy every product that they were selling but somehow I was able to limit myself to only a few products to help grow my business to the 10X level.  The other highlight of the event was meeting some really cool people who were also there to 10X their business.  Special [...]
  • Screenshot 2017-02-23 17.32.57


    I submitted this video to share what I have learned from following Grant Cardone.  Check out my "spur of the moment" video.  I hope to see you at the 10X Growth Conference in Holllywood, Florida.  You can find more information about the conference by visiting  This video is for Grant Cardone and to share how I have benefited from reading his books and following him.  Be bold, more courageous and taking action are my key take-aways. If you don't do these three [...]
  • firefighters_22_pushup_challenge

    Delray Beach 22 Push Up Challenge

    I recently created a video for the Delray Beach Fire Department to promote awareness of PTSD for Veterans.  Many of you may not of already heard of this great cause.  It is called the 22 Push Up Challenge.  The 22 pushups represent on average, how many veterans commit suicide a year.  You can read more about this crisis by visiting Please consider bringing awareness to this situation and donating to help our wounded warriors.  
  • running_man_firefighters_2016

    Firefighter Running Man Challenge

    The Firefighters of Station 37, Lauderdale Lakes, surprised a classroom of children at Oriole Elementary during a "career day" event.  Special thanks to District Chief Kronheim who suggested and arranged the event.  Watch to see what the firefighters did and see for yourself.  🙂  Call Think Big Websites if you are a South Florida business and need someone to create and shoot a video for you.  I love to help my community and promote local businesses in the area.  We offer very affordable [...]
  • fireops101

    2016 Fire Ops 101 in South Florida

    I was recently asked to participate in the 2016 Fire Ops 101 event in South Florida. This event allows people to become "a Firefighter for a day."  I was asked to video this event for the fire department that I work for.  I wanted to share with everyone the results of the video to give you an appreciation for the job of a Firefighter.  The event consisted of a live fire drill, simulated propane tank fire, search & rescue in fire conditions and the inherit benefits of having a rescue truck [...]
  • eMergeAmericas_2016_experience

    My eMergeAmericas Experience

    I recently attended eMergeAmericas for the first time.  I was there representing my company and smartphone app called TiLoTag.  Being selected as an early stage startup company at eMerge was an amazing opportunity.  If you are a startup company I would strongly recommend you attend the 2017 eMerge event. Since this was my first time, my nerves kept me up the night before and I actually woke up at 5 am to make sure that I arrived early to set up my booth.  It only took me 45 minutes to get [...]
  • Dolphin Echo Pool Cleaner by Maytronics

    Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Living in South Florida makes having a pool is a must.  However, I have been procrastinating about having a pool built for roughly 10 years.  So, when I finally decided to have a pool built I started researching the various ways of keeping my pool clean!  The only two choices seemed to be a vacuum cleaner or a robotic pool cleaner. There was also an obvious 3rd option to keep my pool clean since we have 4 children.  The good ole fashioned  "manual" method of keeping the pool clean.  Let me [...]
  • raybriant

    How to build a website

    Here is an abbreviated South Florida version of how to build a website in 3 Easy Steps You can visit for an expanded version that contains a nice "How to build a Website" infographic that you can download and share.   How to make a website Making a website is not as difficult as it once was. However, you still need a little help to really get the type of website that you will ultimately be happy with. I know there is a lot of free website [...]

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