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We have covered a lot of ground so far this month.  I have exposed you to a newer form of marketing referred to as Pay Per View aka PPV and also known as contextual based marketing. My tests in the PPV marketing arena have revealed that YOU CAN BRING A LOT of traffic to a website using this type of marketing.  However, whether or not that traffic will convert is still unknown.  I have not personally witnessed a satisfactory convergence ratio so I still cannot recommend you start using it until I can crack the PPV conversion formula. [media id=32 width=384 height=288] Just so everyone knows, my plan was to next introduce you to another "newer" form of marketing involving facebook.  I was in the middle of doing my research when a bit of controversy landed on my facebook wall.  After I watched a video from Mike Klingler, I decided to take him up on his challenge.  Watch my video above for the story. As the result of watching Mike Klingler's webinar, I have decided to suspend my review/recommendation of Facebook advertising until I can put into context the nature of the "controversy". For the record, it is NOT that I don't believe that facebook advertising can deliver.   (I COMPLETELY DO) It has more to do with my belief that unless you are properly trained you should not be part of the "herd mentality".  You should first have a complete understanding of the concept of being a unique internet marketer, branded in your passion and leading with value first. This is my responsibility as an Internet Marketer who cares about your success and I will not be recommending that form of marketing to casual website visitors.  However, members of my website who are ready and understand these key concepts will receive my recommendations and guidance on Facebook marketing.  Watch my video and thanks for your understanding. You can visit Mike Klingler's site and watch the video that I believe hits the nail on the head by following this link. Peace, Ray PS. I will most likely be doing a review on Mike Klinglers Marketing Funnel Mastery program as I am very close to purchasing his program.  😉

4 comments on “Mike Klingler’s Challenge + Alternative marketing reviews

  1. Loved this post. Over the last 6 months I had grown increasingly discouraged by the hype and noise. Mike speaks to a vast community of people that feel the same. Our economic climate has forced us to look for alternative ways to “make a living”. Online Marketing is the future. It just has to be conducted in the right manner.
    So thank you for your thoughts.

  2. This is really a excellent web site. Mike Klingler’s Challenge rings true. | Learn how to market online, is actually nicely put together and I learned a lot from this. I thought this blog was worth it to book mark; so I submitted your website to Reddit, as well as StumbleUpon. I am hoping you get some well-deserved traffic from it. I Hope others reading this will do exactly the same, as their way of saying thanks!

  3. rbriant on said:

    Thanks Lelia for taking the time to comment on my article. I am glad you liked it and surely appreciate the submissions. 😉 Have a great day. – Ray

  4. rbriant on said:

    Appreciate the back link Matt. Cheers back at ya!

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