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I love Gary's 3 Rules for  success.  I just started reading his book and I love how he keeps it real and to the point.  Here are his three rules. Three Rules (according to Gary Vaynerchuk) 1) Love Your Family 2) Work Superhard 3) Live Your Passion When I read his three rules, I was like that is obvious!  But then I realized that sometimes I think we over analyze everything and make it way to complicated.  At least that has been my experience.  Gary's book really has been an eye opening experience for me.  Keep it simple stupid (KISS Method)  is an expression commonly used in the fire service to not over complicated things.  I think a lot of internet marketers do the same thing.  My recommendation is to pick up a copy of his book and extract the simplicity and stop beating yourself making things over complicated. Ray PS. I am not a big book reader but I find Gary Vaynerchuck's, Crush It, extremely easy to read and enlightening.  I hope you like it too.

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