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  • How I stay productive online.

    I sometimes wish I had parental controls to keep me more focused and help limit the daily barrage of unproductive information that finds its way into my email... Here is what has helped me be more productive.
  • I just stole a Sprint EVO phone!

    First, let me clearly tell you that I do not receive any compensation at all for sharing this information with you. Also, I DID NOT LITERALLY STEAL A SPRINT EVO PHONE :), but I did get an unbelievable deal on one. Why am I sharing this information with you?  First, I am all about helping people. Second, have you ever just had a really good conversation with a sales person who didn't try to sell you everything and someone that you felt was a good person and who exceeded your service [...]
  • Video Tutorial – Creating A Great Personal Branded Video

    I am glad to share this FREE video with you. This video contains secrets that I learned from taking courses online. I am confident that you will find a lot of value in what I am going to teach you in this video.  If you like what you see in this video, join my email newsletter so that I can send you other great tips, tactics and strategies that will set your online business on fire.
  • Fire Department Retirement Ceremony

    Here is a video of the retirement ceremony that we do at our Fire Department. Battalion Chief Dave Albee retired with 33 years of credited service. Congratulations Chief Albee. //
  • Affiliate Marketing Internet Tips

    Do you have a website that gets pretty good traffic? Do you even know if your site gets traffic? LOL  Most people don't.  I would highly suggest that you install a free analytical tracking program that runs silently in the background and tells you some great information.  This information will provide you data such as: 1) Where did the visitors come from? (Not the mean alien type of visitor) 2) What keywords brought them to your site? (So you know what is working and what isn't) 3) [...]
  • Crazy Vehicle Accident

    What a crazy vehicle accident! I was just sent this video from a friend who is a Firefighter. He said that he did not know if the video was real or fake but it looks violently real to me. What were the people in this truck thinking! //
  • Avoid Online Distractions

    There are just too many distractions online! Learn how to avoid distractions and you will become more productive with your online business. Sign up for my newsletter and receive my tactics, strategies and some really cool insight on internet marketing. .myForm td, input, select, textarea, checkbox { font-family: tahoma; font-size: 12px; } .required { color: red; }     First Name: *  Your Email [...]
  • My Lead System Pro and Firefighter Ray Briant

    As an online entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for "systems" that can automate the labor intensive task of setting up landing pages, creating sales funnels, producing effective ad copy and enticing looking lead capture websites. So when I first tested out the "MLSP" system I was interested on how thorough the program actually was.  Before I even really got into the nuts and bolts of the program I had the opportunity to meet Brian Fanale, one of the co-creators of the My Lead System [...]
  • My Global Training Review

    I recommend Mark Hoverson's course.  I am learning a lot while in the program and you can too.  Here is my link if you are interested in learning more about it. I hope you find his course as beneficial as I do. Peace, Ray

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